For sure, we could load this website with a bunch of stock photos of perfect rooms, but I like to keep it real. These one-angle photos were taken from regular, lived-in spaces just like yours, and ours. We work with what you have and then bring in what you need!


Elderly Client / Fixed Income 

Job - Organization / Redesign / Low Budget Item Sourcing

This client was overwhelmed with decades of her and her family's accumulation. Her front room had become a "catchall" and she needed to purge. We reorganized & decluttered, and then she wanted to bring vibrant color into her home environment, so we
went to American Furniture Warehouse and found the teal seating. Sourcing online, I added the gently used seating, storage and pieces needed to finalize her full room redesign. She had the carpets cleaned, and was thrilled with her ARM makeover, which was completed in 3 days and within her limited budget!
(See texted testimony below) She loved it so much, I ended up redesigning 3 additional rooms in her home.

Sources - FB marketplace/Arc thrift/Goodwill/AFW

"You don't know what an injection you did for me, because I was going bonkers up in here, with the house how it was looking. I just love it when
I go through the living room and the dining's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life.

(Name withheld for privacy)


Before & After Photos for Maui HI Short Term Rental Properties!