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Lanai Makeovers

Delight your guests with a stylish and functional lanai! For those that don't know Lanai, the term, which is Hawaiian in origin, describes an open-air porch (deck, balcony, pergola, gazebo or patio) that’s furnished for coziness and all the comforts that create an outdoor living space. Skies the limit! Add-

  • couches

  • tables

  • tropical flair

  • firepit

  • media/stereo equipment

  • lighting

  • plants & flowers

  • accessories or whatever you desire! 


Concerned about wear and tear? We highly recommend using low cost, gently used items for your Hawaiian Lanai or outdoor space. The elements are going to cause wear and corrosion anyway, and it relieves angst some have about putting fabulous items outside, while recycling and helping the island! 

Can You Leave Outdoor Cushions Outside in the Rain?

Outdoor furniture cushions can be left out in the rain but it’s not ideal. Even water-resistant cushions hold up best when they are protected from rain. This is because rain can thoroughly soak your cushions. This leads to mold and mildew growth which can destroy your cushions over time.

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Enhancing Your Outdoor Chill Space

Change your outdoor space from seldom used,
to a welcome relaxing oasis!

"Renee knocked this out of the box! I had a limited budget and 4 guests due in within 24 hours. We came home from the airport and I couldn't believe how put together my lanai was!


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