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Owner / Interior Redesigner & Certified Professional Organizer
"I am passionate about transforming your space!!"

  • 25 Years Interior Redesign Experience


  • Certified Professional Organizer

  • Event Design and Management

  • Theatre Props Designer


  • Seamstress

  • Handy Repair Skills & Tools

  • Treasure Hunter

  • Detailed Cleaning Skills


Meet Sheryl Renee


Growing up, at least once a year I'd come home from school and every room in the house would be completely changed around. We didn't have the best, but my mother knew how to make the most of her Herculon couches and mix-match pieces. It always felt magical to have a renewed living space, and it taught me that you can enhance a room just by shifting the layout and accessories. I walked into my first thrift shop at the age of 19, had a eureka experience, and since then thrifting has been my passion and hobby, as well as the way I provided for the needs and comfort of my family. My mission is to 


With frugal shopping skills and a great eye for design and decorating, I earned the nick name 'The Bargain Queen'. In 2016, I joined KUHS Denver Radio with my weekly talk radio show "Making a Way with Bargain Queen Sheryl Renee" which streamed internationally, every Wednesday for a year. During the pandemic, I utilized that time and got my certification as a professional organizer. Four decades as a professional entertainer, exposed me too stunning venues, homes, and event decor designers, which further fueled my interest in transforming living spaces. 

After 24 years of visiting and loving Maui, I am delighted to now be a full-time resident, ready to make a positive impact on this amazing community! I'll be documenting and sharing the "Low budget ways to start over in a new city!" 

Making a Way with Bargain Queen Sheryl Renee
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